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COVID-safety is at the core of Theatre For Two's design. 

What measures are being taken?

COVID-safety measures are built in, including a perspex divider between performer and audience members. All furnishings in the audience space feature easily cleanable surfaces, and are fully sanitised between performances. Hand sanitiser will be available for audience members to use. The dimensions of the space also ensure that the audience can maintain distance from the performer. All venue staff and crew will be wearing face masks and observing social distancing. 

Can I book to sit with my friends?

Tickets can be booked as individuals or pairs. Please note, if you are booking a Bubble ticket for two people, under current guidelines you must be from the same household.

When can I arrive?

When you attend your performance, you will need to arrive no more than 10 minutes early. If the venue has a bar or cafe open, you are welcome to arrive in advance to make use of those facilities. Please follow venue guidance to register for NHS Test and Trace on arrival.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

While moving around the venue, please follow venue guidance and wear a face covering. 

Rest assured, we are aware that some people cannot wear face coverings for health reasons. If this applies to you, click here to download a TfL exemption card. This card is not mandatory, but it will make your visit smoother as our teams can easily identify you as exempt. 

Will there be toilets available?

Yes, all of our venues will have toilet facilities available. 

How often are the spaces cleaned?

The audience space is thoroughly cleaned between each performance. Where possible, windows are kept open in the venue to ensure ventilation. 

Will I be able to get in if I am late?
Due to the tight performance schedule, please arrive on time to ensure you can get in.

How are you keeping the cast safe?

The cast and stage management are conducting lateral flow tests a minimum of twice a week. Records are being kept of all test results. Social distancing measures are maintained backstage, and props and costumes are regularly cleaned. 

If you have any questions about safety measures, please do email us.