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An exceptional and joyous production'




★★★★ "Enormously funny. An exceptional and joyous production."

Boyz Magazine

★★★★ "Exceedingly entertaining and unabashedly earnest." The Spy In The Stalls

★★★★ "An excellent, outrageous comedy with an outstanding cast. Masterfully directed by Ed Theakston" Theatre Box

★★★★ "Bold, brash, ballsy and in places quite excellent." Close Up Culture

★★★★ "Joyous. Three young actors fully at the top of their game." London Pub Theatres 

"Superb. The performances are excellent." The Play's The Thing

"A riotous romp." Dress Circle Reviews

“We’re children, Annie. We’re just very tall infants. We have no idea what we’re doing. Look at this! We’re bewildered.”


It’s Annie and Rob’s wedding night. It’s also the homecoming of Rob’s old flame Jacob, and he’s got his own ideas of how to have and to hold. When Jacob somehow manages to wangle a night at Rob’s place where the newlyweds plan to seal their vows, a hilariously outrageous clash of expectations ensues. Skeletons are dragged kicking and screaming from closets, trust is lost and gained, and the true limits of millennial love are put to the test.


A modern-day twist on Hollywood screwball comedy films of the 1930s, this raucous and unashamedly earnest play strips the covers on marriage and asks how much you can really know about yourself if you’ve never tried butt stuff.


Following a critically-acclaimed European premiere at the King's Head Theatre's Queer Season and “masterfully directed” (Theatre Box) by Ed Theakston, Oliver Page’s “hip, slick, fast-paced comedy” (Theatre Review) is guaranteed to leave you reeling.

"A truly modern day romp. Mating in Captivity is a lively and fun commentary on what it means to be in love in today’s social landscape" Theatre Scenes


Performed by

Rowland Stirling (It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, Old Joint Stock; Guncotton Creep, Blue Elephant)

Jane Christie (Cooking for Candice, Oxford Playhouse)

George Rennie (The Interpretation of Dreams, Bunker Theatre; Briefs, Waterloo East).

Designed by Ioana Curelea

Written by Oliver Page

Directed by Ed Theakston

photos by Jack Whitney