What did people say about Bit of Sunshine?

Bit of Sunshine gets four stars across the board in Edinburgh and London.

Following winning the Best Play award at the Stockwell Playhouse One Act Festival, we took Bit of Sunshine first to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then to London's Theatre503. We had brilliant audiences and many wonderful reviews, and passed the Bechdel Theatre test for women in theatre.



“This may not be the first production to consider eating disorders but you will need to go a long way to find a more powerful one. Watch out for Nicole Zweiback in future, she has great things ahead of her. It is in parts funny but at times harrowing.” West End Wilma


“Explosive & truly harrowing. A brave piece of theatre which should be seen and embraced. When Zweiback inhabits the character, the effect is devastating.” Broadway Baby


“Full-bodied, intense and penetrating, there’s no turning back. Zweiback’s energy is limitless. Her performance is full of talent, which sees her sweat, scream, spin and shout to the top of the room.” London Theatre 1


“Moments of sheer brilliance... helps to break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Zweiback gives an unbelievably emotionally charged performance.” Ed Fringe Review


“A powerful piece of new writing from a company with a great deal of potential. This is a very important piece which gives a glimpse into the world of mental illness and helps show how far from simple it is. An astounding piece of work with a very compelling story to tell.” Young Perspective


“Perfect. Expressive, extremely powerful and a great first piece for this exciting and emerging company.” NND Scotland

“Zweiback offers a powerful, dynamic performance that captures compassion with a sense of the devastation that this illness brings.” The List

“Zwiback must be commended for delivering a strong performance as Kira.” A Younger Theatre

“In its acidic, tightly humorous way, Bit Of Sunshine invokes both the absurdity and fragility of adolescence and the futility in treating addiction and anxiety like a common cold.” The Sick of the Fringe

“A fascinating insight into the world of body dysmorphia and eating disorders. An accomplished piece of theatre.” Paul Vale, critic for The Stage

Audience Feedback

“26th show of @edfringe: @wearekilter's #BitofSunshine. Powerful, uncomfortable. Brilliant acting, writing, and direction!” @james_cougar

“Tonight I saw Bit of Sunshine at Theatre503 by Nicole Zweiback for the third time. It keeps getting better. Raw, honest, gut wrenching.” @gnellispain

“Just seen #BitofSunshine by @wearekilter @edfringe ABSOLUTELY AMAZING #mustsee #bestthingsofar” @TitiTheWriter

“Powerful performance, striking insight into bulimia #BitofSunshine." @reactiontm “Excellent show last night @theatre503. #BitofSunshine by Nicole Zweiback is a must see!”


“Bit of Sunshine by Nicole Zweiback was absolutely incredible. @wearekilter SMASHED IT”


“Well Nicole Zweiback is a bloody powerhouse. Her play at Theatre503, Bit of Sunshine was a piece of mature, detailed, gorgeous writing. Ace.” @oliviaw91

“Bit of Sunshine at Theatre503, incredible!” @zoebirkbeck

#BitofSunshine @theatre503 Massive achievement. Written & performed by Nicole Zweiback. Detail and honesty on a topic we need to hear! GO” @InfoHannahHutch

“Caught @wearekilter’s #BitofSunshine yesterday. Really strong stuff, uncomfortable, insightful, funny, solid performance. Well done!” @hilary_kelman

“Absolutely amazing! Best show I’ve seen so far. Harrowing and haunting but completely engaging take on mental illness.” Titilola Duwadu via

“Compelling, heart-breaking, funny - this brilliant piece of writing originally tackles the struggles of living with an eating disorder. The story shows vulnerability and is brought to life in front of us with laughs and tears along the way.” Gabrielle Nellis-Pain via

“Amazing play. Really moving with lots of heart. Make sure to see it.” Samuel Gearing via

“A brilliantly written, touching show. Engaging from start to finish, a must see!” Claire Lowrie via

“Without doubt exceptional. After about twelve or so fringes, it is definitely up there amongst the best ever.” Peter Louch via

“Beautifully written, honestly and passionately told. An insightful look into the turbulent journey of living and trying to cope with an eating disorder. One of my favourite shows so far!" James Dougherty via


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